About us: Discover Castillo de Jijona

About us: Discover Castillo de Jijona

Castillo de Jijona is a family company with more than 50 years of experience dedicated to the production of artisan nougat in Jijona, Alicante.

Its origins date back to 1963, year in which its creators, Mr. José Jacinto López Ramos and Mr. Juan Antonio Ramos Gisbert, who had been dedicated to the street selling of nougat and sweets at fairs, join with the same purpose: to devote themselves to what awakened their passion, the Jijona nougat. Later, Mr. Luis Cortés Ramos would join and, thus, Castillo de Jijona began its growth to bring great achievements to the nougat sector.

1977, the year of growth

In 1977, Castillo de Jijona became a reality and was incorporated as a public limited company. One of our first great achievements, something that will always be fondly remembered, was to be able to serve for the important chocolate manufacturer Chocolates Elgorriaga, S.A. from Guipuzcoa and give life to the well-known “Turrón de las 200 Almendras” (200 Almond Nougat). That was the achievement that pushed us forward and helped our project to obtain the visibility that allowed us to start exporting the first turron Castillo de Jijona.

Later, in 1991, Castillo de Jijona decided to expand and join forces with another of the great family companies in the sector: Turrones José Garrigós, S.A. And, since then, the company has managed to grow within the sector exporting to different countries around the world.

Today, Castillo de Jijona is present in many countries such as Australia, Belgium, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, the United States and the United Arab Emirates, among many others.

Jijona: the birthplace of Castillo de Jijona

The elaboration of our products is developed taking into account the traditional trajectory established by the history of the nougat sector in Jijona. In fact, this is one of our main values: tradition.

We know that the true avant-garde of this sector consists in not deviating the least from such a unique tradition in the world. Thus, and due to our trajectory, our nougats are able to introduce valuable novelties to the sector, always keeping the perfect balance with the traditional bases of its elaboration.

Our nougats are elaborated in an artisan way using the best ingredients, ensuring an absolute control of the fire and humidity and developing a careful mixture that can only be reached using the instinct of a master nougat maker and his skills. In addition, they are also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals; and, furthermore, they have a high energy value and low sugar content.

An avant-garde tradition

One of the main advantages of working with nougat is being able to create a great diversity of variants of it. At Castillo de Jijona, in fact, we are always looking to impress our public with unparalleled novelties in our catalog.

This 2022 has been a great year of changes: we have launched new lines of nougat among which you can find traditional, peanut, vegan and, finally, sugar-free nougat. Within these same lines you will discover hard and soft nougats; traditional or supreme quality. Our goal: to meet the needs of all our customers and to seduce all palates.

The seals that guarantee the quality of our nougats

In Castillo de Jijona we guarantee the quality of our products through a careful elaboration process in which we choose, with precision, from each of the ingredients to the material with which the nougat will be wrapped.

Our work has been recognized by different quality guarantors. Thus, Castillo de Jijona has received several quality certificates:

  • V-Label seal: certifies vegan and vegetarian products.
  • IFS Food Standard: guarantees food safety through an evaluation method oriented towards the selection and qualification of suppliers operating in the field of nutrition.
  • Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indications “Jijona” and “Turrón de Alicante”.
  • Protected Geographical Indication: a quality indicator in the European Union that identifies the geographical origin, quality and reputation of certain foods.